Sunday, September 16, 2018

Who said you were beyond repair?

PTSD Patrol Sunday Morning Empowerment Zone
Your ride may be getting old, but it is far from ready for the junk yard. Most people value antiques and if you are a senior veteran, that is a great way to look at what comes with age.

You have a lot of miles on your spare tires. Your shock absorbers may be a little worn out. You may need some body work. The truth is, you survived all of the events that put miles on your ride. A lot of them were bad but more of them were good times.

You may be thinking it is time to just trade your vehicle in but there is a lot to be said for something that survived that long.

That vehicle you live in is not ready for the junk yard! Just like when there is something wrong with the vehicle you drive, you take it to the repair shop, you need to take you to the repair shop too!
Friday at Lake Nona VA, they had a lot of experts ready to help you navigate the road from where you are to where you want to go. It was Suicide Prevention day.
It is not about what you may have heard but just like when some people were saying the world was flat and you were going to fall off if you went too far, it was not true. The VA is not your enemy!

Actually, personally, I blame CCC (Congress Caused Clusterfluke) and yes, you know what I mean right there.
There are a lot of things the VA is doing that you may not have even imaged. There is a Chapel that is open right near the Memorial walkway.

I know that as time goes by, it is easy to think that nothing is going to get better for you. It won't if you do absolutely nothing but sit there and complain about how bad it is.

Don't let stuff drive you crazy when you could be driving in the right direction. 

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