Sunday, September 2, 2018

Wounded Minds and Us

As promised, this is the beginning of the videos I will be putting up today. 

While the numbers are not the same as they are today, the message remains the same.

This was the first one I did back in 2006.
Wounded Minds and Us

In 2006 I created this video on Wounded Minds. 

Long before PTSD was in the news, families like mine were doing the best we could to make our veterans lives better. 

Sometimes we failed but after three decades, I'm still married. I still have no idea how other families do it when they know hardly nothing about PTSD. 

I knew almost everything and there were times when it was almost impossible to find hope. 

The key is to learn as much as you can, love as an active partner in their healing and find what works to make your lives better!

This is from my old website, NamGuardianAngel. Go to Combat PTSD Wounded Times to learn more.

The following are for family members.
Why do so many families not know about PTSD or what combat can do until it is too late? Why do so many walk away instead of putting up a fight after they fought in combat?

Here is another old video that I am putting back up. When they come home, it is the job of their families to watch their backs and make sure we get them whatever they need to heal. PTSD doesn't have to win anything! They fought in combat, but we have to fight because they came home from it!

Do you love your veteran? Then fight like hell to prove it! This cuts into their soul and it is up to you to find the one you fell in love with and drag that soul out of hell! They can heal if you fight to get them back to who they are instead of judging how they are!

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