Sunday, May 26, 2019

For those who serve this country, nothing will change if we accept what "is"

We cannot go on accepting things just because others do

PTSD Patrol
Kathie Costos
May 26, 2019

The Washington Post just put up the last Rolling Thunder Ride in Washington DC.
Seeing the video and pictures put me in a strange mood. Nostalgic for the times I made the trip out there for Memorial Day and the Nam Knights ride on Saturday, the day before Rolling Thunder. I was also angry. 

It should not be acceptable that after all these years, the organizers had to end the ride because they could not find enough money to pay for everything they needed to do.

There are a lot of things that are not acceptable...and one of the biggest reasons why I want to apologize for this video.

I should not have even tried to do a positive video when my head was ready to explode.

This is an apology video because earlier today, I put up the video for PTSD Patrol, that was far from inspirational. I needed to get things out before my head exploded. This is most of the stuff that has me in a very bad mood. It begins with people saying "Happy Memorial Day" because the meaning is about having fun instead of honoring those who risked their lives for this county. The list of other things we find "acceptable" goes on and as long as they do, nothing will really change for those who serve this country~

Sunday, May 19, 2019

PTSD Patrol moving forward

Watchfire with Point Man at Sunset Beach

The videos went up late today because I was out at Sunset Beach in Tarpon Springs and just got home today. It was for Armed Forces Day and Flag Retirement. Yes, the American flags were burned as a tribute befitting the men and women who paid the price for our freedom since the beginning.
When it was time for my speech, I could not block the wind and there was no way I could edit it enough for anyone to understand what I was saying, so, at the bottom of this, is basically what I had to say. (Sorry folks by Murray is not in this one.)

These are more pictures sent by Ernie Bullock

Sunday, May 12, 2019

PTSD Patrol interview with hope powered driver

PTSD Patrol: Drive time toward divine

PTSD Patrol
Kathie Costos
May 12, 2019

First, I want to say, Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there. We know what it is like to feel joy when our children are happy, and what it is like to grieve when they are hurting.

Right now there is a battle going on all across the country, but you may have only heard about one side doing more harm than good. They may have had good intentions, but much like warning Jesus gave about "fruits of their deeds" facts have proven raising suicide awareness equals what the Pharisees were doing.

Yet, while their intentions may have begun from God speaking to them to act, they chose to seek the glory by publicity stunts, having fun and doing pushups, instead of lifting up the spirits of the wounded and waiting for hope.

Others, like members of Point Man International Ministries have been doing the work God called them to do since 1984, quietly and humbly. Much like the 72 others Jesus sent with his Disciples no one knows our names but those in need see the results of our work.

Yesterday at the Veterans Reunion in Wickham Park I was trying to find members of Point Man and walking around in 90 degrees of heat. Not good for someone like me and I was drained to the point where I wanted to just faint. I had a hard time finding the strength to more one more step.

As I was looking for their tent, I came across some friends of mine with a golf cart. My buddy Jonnie drove me around, but it became clear that I would not be able to find them.

We drove past a tent that caught my eye. I wanted to go and talk to the man in the tent. You know what it is like when you are tugged to do something you may not really understand why you need to, but I have learned to just surrender to that strong pull a long time ago.

Gareth Burkinshaw was speaking to another man, and I looked at the brochures on his table. As I was reading, I thought he was on the right road and passionate about providing the hope that is so desperately needed.  

I pretended to not listen to what he was saying to the man, until he took his hand to pray for him. Couldn't help it, I had a smile take hold of my face.

We talked for a bit and I was even more sure of the fact he was about doing the work of not just offering hope, but helping those in need find a way to heal. I asked Gareth if he wanted to do a video, and he agreed to meet a couple of hours later.

As I was walking back to the campground where my husband and friends were waiting, I had enough energy to get there. I dropped down into a chair!

My husband drove the golf cart since I knew I would not be able to endure the walk again. I was surprised I even managed to stay alert enough to set up the camera.

Gareth began to speak, and suddenly I was rejuvenated. If he could do that for me, think of what his message can do for others. He is, as he said "a freedom fighter" offering hope when others offer darkness and feed despair.

Solutions for Soldiers is changing the conversation from grieving to achieving healing!

#BreakTheSilence and #TakeBackYourLife

Sunday, May 5, 2019

PTSD Patrol on location at Wickham Park

Wickham Park Wall Escort 2019

Wounded Times and PTSD Patrol
Kathie Costos
May 5, 2019

This morning I was at Wickham Park in Melbourne Florida for the Vietnam Memorial Wall Escort. It is the start of the week long reunion for veterans. While it started as a Vietnam veterans reunion, it was changed so that all veterans felt like family!

It is one of my favorite events and I wanted to share it with you, so, no PTSD Patrol video as usual today. Besides, when it comes to empowerment...sometimes it comes on two wheels and side by side~

"Can you imagine how I feel today?"

PTSD Patrol Kathie Costos June 15, 2021 "Can you imagine how I feel today?" is a question no one would have to ask if they talk...

PTSD Patrol

PTSD Patrol
It is your life, get in and drive it