Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Phoenix House, a transition home for homeless women veteran's and their children

Transition home helps homeless female veterans get on their feet

CBS 46 News
Bobeth Yates
Feb 10, 2020

GRIFFIN, Ga. (CBS46) When you think of Griffin, Georgia you may think small rural community, but a Griffin nonprofit is all but small and they are making major impacts for veterans.
On Friday about 100 people gathered to witness Way Point Veterans Service Center's latest milestone.

"You pray about doing the right thing and doing good by people," said Way Point's founder Sandra Brownlee.

After two years of planning, the organization opened Phoenix House, a transition home for homeless women veteran's and their children. The project was completed with the help of Home Depot, multiple organizations and community stake holders. The house is renovated to serve five female veterans.
"Because there is no VA service centers in these rural community areas it’s just logical for me to service this area," added Brownlee.

The property for the transition home was donated by a church in Griffin, and even though the house is just for women and children, the nonprofit provides help for all veterans.
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