Friday, June 5, 2020

Problems stop when solutions start

PTSD Patrol
Kathie Costos
June 5, 2020

This country has so many problems it seems as if everything is going wrong. It is hard to find hope with the pandemic claiming lives, coupled with massive protests, riots, looters and everyone being fed up with having to stay in instead of outside enjoying themselves. It is all even harder on veterans.

Everyone watched the public memorial service for George Floyd yesterday as hundreds gathered together along with politicians and celebrities. We have all been watching the protests across the country as thousands exercise their right to assemble, even when their states are dealing with a pandemic. 

Most have been complying with social distancing and wearing a mask in public who are not part of any of those events. Most understand the need to avoid crowds at the same time they want to reduce what the medical community has been subjected to with so many facing death. Yet some are attacking them for being afraid as if it is not doing our part to protect others.

Police Officers are under attack, and so are citizens. Businesses are being destroyed. 

The majority within the Veterans Community have been horrified by the stunts as more and more pop up to raise "suicide awareness" when they themselves did not even make themselves aware of what the facts were before they picked that number of 22. Wish they spent as much time and energy raising healing awareness so that lives would actually be saved and veterans start healing instead of struggling.

The latest thing is when taking a knee has been a powerful statement when police officers have joined protestors, and then people just think it is OK to do it even during the National Anthem. It is hurtful to veterans and patriotic people. There is a time and place for everything but no one is bothering to think of when that actually should be.

We have the military being used for "security" against our own people and retired Generals coming out to say how wrong this is. We have elected politicians failing to fix anything and because they are not held accountable they are adding to the problems we face.

Floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, a gigantic asteroid the size of the Empire State Building, murder hornets killing bees, over 40 million Americans out of work, people lining up at Food banks at the same time farmers were killing livestock, dumping crops and processing plants had to shut down because of COVID-19 spreading. 

What we have not seen is the solution to anything. We will stay divided until people actually use their brains to find the solutions. If you think that the rate of PTSD in this country is high is about to turn into a tsunami and we're standing there with a beach shovel!

Want to change what is wrong? Then start with what is right and doing the right thing instead of what is easy for you to do!

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