Thursday, August 20, 2020

PTSD Patro: Pit Stop

PTSD Patrol
Kathie Costos
August 20, 2020

Today there will not be a video from me since I had an early dinner that included a Margarita! I am taking pit stop, so here is a great video from Debi Silber on healing after betrayal. Considering what we have going is much needed.

See you tomorrow.....

Do You Have Post Betrayal Syndrome? | Debi Silber | TEDxCherryCreekWomen


Dr. Debi Silber, founder of The PBT (Post Betrayal Transformation) Institute is a holistic psychologist, a health, mindset and personal development speaker, author and mentor who helps people heal from Post Betrayal Syndrome. She’s the author of the Amazon #1 bestselling book: The Unshakable Woman: 4 Steps to Rebuilding Your Body, Mind and Life After a Life Crisis, and has contributed to The Dr. Oz show, FOX, CBS, The Huffington Post, Forbes, Psychology Today, Health, Shape, WebMD, and Glamour to name a few. Her recent PhD study on how we experience betrayal-what holds us back, what helps us heal and what happens to us (physically, mentally and emotionally) when the people closest to us lie, cheat and deceive made three groundbreaking discoveries.

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PTSD Patrol

PTSD Patrol
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