Tuesday, August 4, 2020

PTSD Patrol getting out of pit of despair

This article on NBC News made me cry!"COVID-19 losses and uncertainty have led to a mental health crisis. Here's how to help"

Their feelings aren’t unique. The National Center for Health Statistics and Census Bureau’s Household Pulse Survey shows that in the third week of July, 30 percent of adults had symptoms of depressive disorder, compared to 6.6 percent last year; 36 percent had symptoms of an anxiety disorder, compared to 8.2 percent last year. Commonly affected groups appear to be women with children, young adults and people who are in sexual and gender minority groups.

Many are experiencing trauma from the widespread pandemic, grief over losses (be they life, job security, relationships or former ways of living), legitimate fears of getting sick and the absence of community and caregivers. In the background, all lack many of the typical outlets for coping with such stressors, including gym workouts, vacations, office talk and outings with friends — because, of course, exercise, regular sleep, healthy eating, social contact and a routine can help mitigate feeling depressed.
The worst thing about what is going on is that too many feel they have no power to do anything about it! They are wrong because we do have some power and until we start using it, the only outcome will be for it to keep getting worse.

People are getting assaulted for asking others to wear a mask. As stupid as that sounds, when you factor in massive crowds out enjoying themselves as if nothing is going on, it proves the rest of us are suffering for their pleasure.

What can you still do? What do you still have the power to do? Contact your members of the House and Senate and demand they stop using excuses for what they failed to do! Do not wait for the election to show your displeasure. They have had six months to get this under control and the long they fail us, the more we will suffer instead of recovering.

They are counting on you to keep suffering in silence. Time to #BreakTheSilence and stop suffering.

Today I could not contain my emotions, so the video today is not a happy one. I am putting up a couple of my older ones to make up for it, but remember, I am still just a human trying to do the best I can everyday, no matter how I feel.

PTSD Patrol in pit of despair
Mental health is in crisis across the country right now and it will not get better until we use the power we do still have to change it. The time for excuses is gone and we must Demand our officials act to change it. They have had long enough to get this pandemic under control. We keep suffering and should refuse to remain suffering in silence for their failures.
#BreakTheSilence and #TakeBackYourLife from #PTSD

This is from last year and directed toward first responders. Until June of this year, my work was focused on veterans and responders. Now it is for everyone because the need is increasing!

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PTSD Patrol
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