Friday, November 27, 2020

PTSD does not mean you are broken

Wounded Times and PTSD Patrol
Kathie Costos
November 27, 2020

Today I noticed that Wounded Times is still getting about 1,000 hits a day after months of not posting on it. That tells me the need to find this work, is still there. While I have been focusing on everyone with PTSD since June, I keep getting reminders that our veterans are not getting what they need to heal. One more reminder came Tuesday when I received a phone call from someone working with veterans. 

As we were talking, the sadness took over because he was having a hard time facing the fact that his work was hard to find too. So much nonsense out there getting in the way of what works, and what can change lives, more and more people are giving up. We're not! We are not giving up because as heartbreaking as it is to know how much suffering there is out there, the feeling we get when lives are changed, is so worth whatever price we have to pay with our own emotions.

I know first hand that life can change for the better. My husband knows that. All the veterans I've worked with over all these years, know that. I just wish everyone knew that.

So today, the daily video on PTSD Patrol is featuring Jon Bon Jovi Unbroken. If you are a veteran, you are not broken and you are not the problem. If you are a person trying to heal PTSD, you are not broken either. No one is really broken, a little dented, OK, but not broken.

I was born to be of service
Basic training felt like home
I had honor, I found purpose
Sir, yes, sir, that's what I know
They sent us to a place
I'd never heard of weeks before
When you're 19, it ain't hard to sleep
In the desert on God's floor
Close your eyes, stop counting sheep
You ain't in prison anymore
We were taught to shoot our rifles
Men and women side by side
Thought we'd be met as liberators
In a thousand-year-old fight
I got this painful ringing in my ear
From an IED last night
But no lead-lined Humvee war machine
Could save my sergeant's life
Three more soldiers, six civilians
Need these words to come out right
God of mercy, God of light
Save your children from this life
Hear these words, this humble plea
For I have seen the suffering
And with this prayer I'm hoping
That we can be unbroken
It's eighteen months now I've been back now
With this medal on my chest
But there are things I can't remember
And there are things I won't forget
I lie awake at night
With dreams the devil shouldn't see
I wanna scream but I can't breathe
And, Christ, I'm sweating through these sheets
Where's my brothers? Where's my country?
Where's my how-things-used-to-be?
God of mercy, God of light
Save your children from this life
Hear these words, this humble plea
For I have seen the suffering
And with this prayer I'm hoping
That we can be unbroken
My service dog's done more for me
Than the medication would
There ain't no angel that's coming to save me
But even if they could
Today twenty-two will die from suicide
Just like yesterday, they're gone
I live my life for each tomorrow
So their memories will live on
Once we were boys and we were strangers
Now we're brothers and we're men
Someday you'll ask me "Was it worth it
To be of service in the end?"
Well, the blessing and the curse is
Yeah, I'll do it all again

Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Jon Bon Jovi
Unbroken lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group 

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