Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Miracles Out Of Nowhere

PTSD Patrol
Kathie Costos
December 1, 2020

With so much suffering in this country, a lot of people are asking "Where is God?" The truth is, He is all around us.

When people decide that they want to make a positive difference in this world, to help someone else, that is a miracle. It is a miracle when doctors and nurses show up everyday to save lives, even though they are risking their own, fighting to keep people alive. Some of them are even arguing with the nurses saying the pandemic is not real, right before the tubes go into their mouths and down their throats.

It is a miracle when patients leave the hospital after hundreds of days fighting for their lives and go back to their families.

Miracles happen when people decide that they will do what they can to help people find food, and they stand loading cars with food that others had donated, to total strangers, so they will not go hungry,

If you have PTSD, that means you are a survivor, and that in itself is a miracle. You may not feel like it is if you are still suffering, but I can assure you, that once you start healing, you see that miracle even stronger, And then, you can be a miracle for someone else, because you know what they are going through and can help them believe in the miracle of their own life.

When people act out of love and kindness, that is a miracle and each one of those acts, comes from God. He uses us to answer the prayers of others. If you act on what is needed, then you are acting on His behalf!

Remember...it is your life....get in and drive it! #BreakTheSilence and #TakeBackYourLife from #PTSD

This is about a nurse working in a cancer unit. One of her patients was having a hard time, so she started to sing to her. On this days, the woman got bad news....and the nurses act of kindness was recorded. When you watch this report, think about all the other times that are not captured on video....

NewsChannel 5
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An emotional video of a Vanderbilt University Medical Center nurse singing to a terminal cancer patient has gone viral.

Miracles Out Of Nowhere
Song by Kansas

On a crystal morning I can see the dewdrops falling
Down from a gleaming heaven, I can hear the voices call
When you comin' home now, son, the world is not for you
Tell me what's your point of view?
Hey there Mister Madman, what you know that I don't know
Tell me some crazy stories, let me know who runs this show
Glassy-eyed and laughing, he turns and walks away
Tell me what made you that way?
Here I am just waiting for a sign
Asking questions, learning all the time
It's always here, it's always there
It's just love and miracles out of nowhere, out of nowhere
Tell me now dear mother, what's it like to be so old
Children grown and leavin', seems the world is growin' cold
Though your body's ailin' you, your mind is just like new
Tell me where you're goin' to?
It's so simple lying right before your eyes
If you'll only look through this disguise
It's always here, it's always there
It's just love and miracles out of nowhere
It's just love and miracles out of nowhere
I sing this song a hundred, maybe a thousand years ago
No one ever listens, I just play and then I go
Off into the sunset like the western heroes do
Tell me what you're gonna do?
Here I am, I'm sure to see a sign
All my life I knew that it was mine
It's always here, it's always there
It's just love and miracles out of nowhere
It's just love and miracles out of nowhere
Out of nowhere, out of nowhere

Source: Musixmatch
Songwriters: K. Livgren
Miracles Out Of Nowhere lyrics © Emi Blackwood Music Inc., Don Kirshner Music 

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