Tuesday, January 12, 2021

You've got a fast car racing up inside you

PTSD Patrol
Kathie Costos
January 12, 2021

There is such power in music, that I wish I had all of them on a list. The problem is, that list would be one of the largest lists known. I don't have a play list, or a favorite group, or even a favorite song that I would now want to let go from my history.

Music has a power over emotions. I could be happy, then hear a song that brings back painful memories. No matter how fast I try to shut it off, it is too late. The bad memory has already been awakened.

On the flip side, I could be in a crappy mood, hear a song that means something to me, and start chair dancing

Queen's message is "Your wish will be granted. All your problems will disappear. Don't be a fool.
You haven't reached your peak.You've got a fast car racing up inside you. Your life is incomplete.
Hang on in there, hang on in there." 

As with all race cars, they are designed to go forward, not backwards. They need a trained, experienced driver as much as they need a well prepared pit crew. So do you! And knowing that, understand that is how you heal #PTSD! Remember it is your life...get in and drive it!

In 2006, I was wondering how I could do something different because no one wanted to read much anymore. Everyone was online and looking to be entertained. Then I saw a music video with lyrics. 

I thought it would have been better if they added in images. The next thing was, it would be even better if a message was linked to the music and images to change the way someone was thinking.

That was when I put together the first video for PTSD. Wounded Minds. It worked because the music mattered just as much as the message and the images.

"Hang On In There" by Queen is the feature video today! The music and the lyrics are spot on but the videos I found were lacking. This was not one of Queen's famous songs, but it is a powerful one. I added in a few more of their videos.
Don't let go
Don't lose your mystique
Wait a little longer
Tomorrow brings another feast
Don't let go
Don't lose your reputation
Thank God you're still alive, ha
You're still in one piece
Hang on in there, don't lose your appetite
Hang on in there, forget the danger signs
Pray for that magical moment (just stay there) and it will appear
(Don't fight for lost emotions)
Wait for the sunrise,
And everything will seem so clear
(Look straight ahead, look straight ahead)
Hang on in there (hang on in there)
Hang on in there (hang on in there)
Your wish will be granted
All your problems will disappear
Don't be a fool
You haven't reached your peak
You've got a fast car racing up inside you
Your life is incomplete
Hang on in there, hang on in there
Pray for that magical moment and it will appear
(Wait for the moment)
Wait for the sunrise - oh
Just wait and see and it will seem so clear
Ba dap bap ee bap bap ba ba bap bap de de de da
And let's go, let's go - o.k. now do the change now
Hang on
Hang on in there, hang on in there
Yeah hang on in there, yeah

Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Brian Harold May / Freddie Mercury / John Deacon / Roger Taylor
Hang On In There lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

Don't Stop Me Now

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