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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Phoenix House, a transition home for homeless women veteran's and their children

Transition home helps homeless female veterans get on their feet

CBS 46 News
Bobeth Yates
Feb 10, 2020

GRIFFIN, Ga. (CBS46) When you think of Griffin, Georgia you may think small rural community, but a Griffin nonprofit is all but small and they are making major impacts for veterans.
On Friday about 100 people gathered to witness Way Point Veterans Service Center's latest milestone.

"You pray about doing the right thing and doing good by people," said Way Point's founder Sandra Brownlee.

After two years of planning, the organization opened Phoenix House, a transition home for homeless women veteran's and their children. The project was completed with the help of Home Depot, multiple organizations and community stake holders. The house is renovated to serve five female veterans.
"Because there is no VA service centers in these rural community areas it’s just logical for me to service this area," added Brownlee.

The property for the transition home was donated by a church in Griffin, and even though the house is just for women and children, the nonprofit provides help for all veterans.
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Thursday, January 30, 2020

After 20 Years Of Military Service, Giving Back To Female Vets

After 20 Years Of Military Service, This Single Mom Is Giving Back To Female Vets

As a member of the military, “you understood your role. You had a very important — but also a very specific — role in military life, and so now you are finding that new path” in society.
Chapman in the cockpit of a C-5 Galaxy aircraft in October 2018.

Raising children while active in the military can provide a single mother with unique challenges.

For Jessica Chapman, mother of two 13-year-old twin daughters, every day of service to her country was an honor. But as she reflects on her time spent throughout her two-decade Air Force career and four deployments abroad, she says that it got harder and harder to leave them behind.

“It is an enormous sacrifice,” Chapman, 43, says, adding that her final deployment, a year-long installation to a post in Afghanistan, was especially hard for her daughters. “They were 7 years old when I left and 8 when I got back and [I missed] everything in between,” she says.
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Sunday, June 16, 2019

Changing parts is hard, but it makes the ride better

Moving parts

PTSD Patrol
Kathie Costos
June 16, 2019

Today is a hard post for me to put up. We are leaving Florida. After 15 years, hundreds of events and countless veterans coming into our lives, it is time to move back north.

Our daughter moved a few years ago and the last trip we took up there, it finally felt like Christmas for us. I miss our family and all the memories we had, as well as the change in seasons.

The heat and humidity down here is not good for someone with my health filming for hours in the sun most of the year.

That said, my life is like any vehicle with moving parts. There are changes as we all get older and we need to be prepared to stop being comfortable complaining about them. 

Each of us know when it is time to change but the trick is actually doing it.

My husband needed to let some people we know about the move before I went public with it. In this video, the move is mentioned, so I figured it was the best time to let readers know why things have been a bit out of whack for a while.

Between getting this house ready for sale and trying to find the area we want to move, it has been really draining my energy.

I promise that I will keep posting as long as I can on both sites and when I cannot, I'll start as soon as possible.  After all these years, I won't abandon you now.

OK, that's done.

In this video, Sgt. Dave Matthews and I are again talking about the book For the Love of Jack, His War My Battle.

Living with PTSD sucks! It can beat the crap out of any positive thoughts you have and kill off dreams of what you thought it would be like.

You have a choice. You can stay trapped by it or you can kick it in the teeth and refuse it let it define how you live your life from this point on!

It is hard on families when they do not know what to do, but I can assure you, if you are willing to do the work and learn as much as you can, you can win this battle for those you love too!

Face it. If I can do it, anyone can!

Sunday, June 9, 2019

PTSD Patrol, weapons of love fighting ghost of their past

When your battle begins after their battle was supposed to end

PTSD Patrol
Kathie Costos
June 9, 2019

The PTSD Patrol video is late today because I was doing an interview with Sgt. Dave Matthews for KLRN Radio show Remember the Fallen. It is heard on Thursdays at 8:00 pm eastern time.

We were talking about my book FOR THE LOVE OF JACK. This is part of the interview. If you want to hear the rest, you'll have to wait until  Thursday.

Next week, I'll have more of this.


This mans a child, this man is old

Sometimes he's mild, sometimes he's bold

This man I love, sometimes in spite

I wish he would stick to his guns, or abandon the fight
But when he shines, oh when he shines
Yes when he shines, he shines so bright
Sometimes a tramp, sometimes a dude
He changes colour just like a cameleon, cant find the mood
He is a song thats not easy to write
He is a moon in the morning, and the sun out at night
But when he shines, when he shines,
oh when he shines, he shines so bright
This mans a gentleman, this man is strong
This temperamental man plays me along
But when he shines, when he shines,
oh when he shines, he shines so bright
Yes when he shines, when he shines,
oh when he shines, he shines so bright
But when he shines, oh when he shines
Yes when he shines, he shines so bright

Songwriters: D. BUGATTI / F. PALMER
When He Shines lyrics © WB MUSIC CORP

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PTSD Patrol

PTSD Patrol
It is your life, get in and drive it