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Sunday, March 3, 2019

PTSD Patrol: Turbo charge your healing

PTSD Patrol Turbo charge your healing

PTSD Patrol
Kathie Costos
March 2, 2019

It seems as if everyone is talking about younger veterans with PTSD...forgetting that the majority of veterans seeking help for PTSD are over the age of 50. Unfortunately, that age group are also the majority of the known suicides. What did you expect me to say when they are also the majority of veterans in our country?

OK, so, if you are driving an antique, you know it takes a lot more to keep it running than if you had a new car with all the techno crap you really don't need. 

When you figure out that there is something seriously wrong with your vehicle, you can keep it in the garage, but that does not solve the problem. You ask some buddies what they think could be wrong, but you won't get the right answer unless you are able to mimic the noise that is in the engine.

Often, you will search online, then discover what you think it may be. You may make an appointment with the mechanic (docs at the VA) and get a diagnosis.

A good mechanic will take care of the engine (your mind) and suggest that you take it to the body shop too. (the gym or anything else physically to take care of your body...including yoga)

A really great mechanic will suggest you turbo change the healing with taking care of the spiritual part of you. 

Did You Know? The oldest and simplest form of turbine is the waterwheel, which is made to rotate by water falling across its blades and into buckets suspended from them. Hero of Alexandria invented the first steam-driven turbine in the 1st century A.D., but a commercially practical steam turbine wasn't developed until 1884; steam turbines are now the main elements of electric power stations. Jet engines are gas turbines. A turbojet engine uses a turbine to compress the incoming air that feeds the engine before being ejected to push the plane forward; a turboprop engine uses its exhaust to drive a turbine that spins a propeller. A wind turbine generates electricity by being turned by the wind; the largest now have vanes with a turning diameter of over 400 feet.
And then there came this
Definition of turbo-propeller engine : a jet engine having a turbine-driven propeller and designed to produce thrust principally by means of a propeller although additional thrust is usually obtained from the hot exhaust gases which issue in a jet.
I am in the over age 50 antique stage, so I know how different life is right now instead of what I thought it would be. All of us need to remember that these "golden" years can suck especially when we are supposed to be enjoying this time of our lives, but end up dealing with health problems most of the time.

Just a reminder here is that we go because we know that things in our lives get a lot better when we are able to enjoy them! Its your life and your choice. You can sit there suffering with your vehicle in the garage, letting fluids dry up and tires get flat, or you can spruce it up and zoom past everyone else.

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PTSD Patrol

PTSD Patrol
It is your life, get in and drive it